• Standard Klean
    Our #1 sneaker cleaning service which treats the following areas of your sneaker: Upper, Mid Sole, Standard Under Sole Scrub + Laces, Tongue, Insole. This service is applicable to all regular brands such as: NIKE, ADIDAS, PUMA, NEW BALANCE and the likes.
  • Sneakky Lux
    Our Designer sneaker cleaning service option targets the same areas as our Signature Klean but is catered specifically for your designer sneakers. This sneaker cleaning option takes care of the unique sneaker materials in your designer sneaker while adhering to special sneaker cleaning procedures. Applies to all designer sneaker brands.
  • Adidas Yezzy Klean
    This sneaker cleaning service encompasses the entirety of your ADIDAS YEEZY Sneakers. This applies to all silhouettes of the YEEZY brand
  • Quick Klean
    Conditioning of the Uppers, and Midsoles only. This service is designed as a method of maintenance. This does not include any stain removal or scuff treatment.
  • Care Package
    Detailed clean for any and all sneakers. Treat your sneakers to something special. includes Upper, Mid Sole, Deep Under Sole Scrub + Laces + Inner Lining + Tongue + Deodorizer + Sneaker Protect Spray
  • Water Repellent Treatment
    Application of Water Repellent Spray to protect your shoes from liquids. This treatment will be applied to your sneaker after it is cleaned.
  • SNIFF Freshen Up
    Remove bad smells and odors from your sneakers with our deodorizing antibacterial treatment.
    Oxidation creeps into your sneaker and give them that ugly yellow appearance. Icing treatment will rid your sneaker of the oxidization and return it to the original clear or blue icy color. Process may take up to 30 days. Limited monthly slots.
  • Lace Replacement
    Standard Laces $4.99
    Premium Laces $14.99
  • Wash & Fold
    Min Order Price $1.85/lb X 20lbs
  • Dry Cleaning
    Our processes are tough on stains and odors, but gentle on your clothes and the environment.
  • Household
    We specialize in cleaning your household items such as comforters, sheets, and duvets.