Sneaker Wipes

$ 12.99 USD

2 Packs of Wipes Sneaker care and maintenance is vital to protecting your sneakers. Our disposable sneaker wipes are a great tool for light cleaning and scuff removal. EASY to use. Simply grab one of our moist wipes from the pack and work your way around the sneaker cleaning off dirt as you go along. Wipe off with a dry towel. Good for your sneakers. These wipes are treated with plant a based solution which can cause no harm to your sneaker. SAFE for the environment. These biodegradable sheets are easy to dispose of and require no special waste removal methods. Each pack is equipped with 12 wipes

Brush Set

$ 12.99 USD

Pack of 3 Xtra Soft Brush - Hog Hair Bristle - Soft to the touch and perfect for the most delicate materials on your sneakers. Soft Brush - A bit more firm than your hog hair bristle brush but still very soft. Great for the uppers of your sneaker and for dirt that needs a bit more of a firm touch. Medium Brush - this brush is a great fit for the midsole and under sole of your sneakers. Great option for tackling big dirt as this brush contains a slightly firm bristle.

Crease Guards

$ 12.99 USD

Thin plastic inserts to increase the strength of your toe box and reduce creases.

SUDS Sneaker Cleaning Kit

$ 24.99 USD

Kit includes: SUDS Foam Cleaner, Medium Bristle Brush, Microfiber Towel . This kit is a great option for sneaker cleaning. The cleaning foam is plant based and does not contain any harmful chemicals. This product is safe to clean suede and nubuck sneakers.